CM Storm MECH, REAPER, and PULSE-R Premium Aluminum & Customizable Gaming


Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer unleashes the new AL-Series, the MECH Keyboard, REAPER Mouse and PULSE-R Headset – aluminum customizable gaming peripherals.

MECH Keyboard

The MECH, customizable and fully mechanical keyboard and part of the AL-Series, it includes a full suite of premium features including aluminum in its construction and a high speed processor and USB 3.0 ports.

 CM MECH Keyboard

High Bandwidth Gaming

Delivering the utmost quality in construction and features, the MECH mechanical keyboard features a powerful ARM based processor to run its Rapid Fire Engine. This helps the MECH take full advantage of its ability respond at high speeds to in game actions and record and edit not only macro keys, but profiles as well. MECH is equipped with the ability to store 5 easily accessible profiles while making up to 75 total macros available for multiple gaming needs.

Ultra low latency USB connectors and an integrated two port USB 3.0 hub ensure that the MECH and connected peripherals all operate at their full potential. A high-grade braided cable ensures that the keyboard and connected peripherals maintain a stable link to your PC. Utilizing its ultra fast processor and Super Speed USB 3.0 ports, MECH is capable of 64 KRO or activating and registering the actions of up to 64 keys simultaneously.

Full LED backlighting awaits you on the MECH with three modes of operation and five brightness levels. With this, MECH keys will be visible while gaming in nearly any lighting level.

Designed by You

Built with a unique removable and customizable aluminum plate, MECH is the ultimate gamer’s mechanical keyboard. Whether it is providing that extra look of professionalism to your eSports team or matching your keyboard to your own style, MECH makes it simple to do. The included premium aluminum plate can be removed and replaced via a few screws.

Further customize your MECH by selecting from amongst the highest grade Cherry MX Mechanical switches*. MECH integrates the most popular Blue, and Brown switches into its different models and each switch is extremely durable and rated for a minimum of 50 million presses.

*The availability of CHERRY MX switch types will vary based on region.


CM Storm MECH will be available in September. Price and availability may vary based on region.



The Reaper, a new customizable gaming mouse and part of the AL-Series, includes a full suite of premium features including aluminum in its construction and a high-end Avago laser sensor.

CM Reaper Mouse

 Precise & Adaptable Gaming

Built with premium features in mind, Reaper is constructed with a powerful and high precision 8200 DPI Avago laser sensor. Take full advantage of its wide DPI range with on-the-fly DPI switching via its dedicated Clutch key. 32KB of onboard flash memory means storing eight programmable key functions within three separate profiles. Each button has been intelligently placed throughout the Reaper’s ergonomic design to be quickly and easily activated during game play.

Reaper comes equipped with a low latency USB connector, 1000Hz polling rate, and 1ms response time to make the mouse react when you do. A high-grade braided cable ensures that the Reaper will keep you connected and gaming without delay even after long periods of use.

Design Freedom

Built with a unique customizable aluminum plate, Reaper is the ultimate gamer’s mouse. Whether it is providing that extra look of professionalism to your eSports team or matching your mouse to your other AL-Series peripherals, Reaper gives you a blank canvas for customization. Complement your custom design by utilizing the glow of the white LED lighting that peers through the grooved areas of the Reaper.


CM Storm Reaper will be available from mid September. Price and availability may vary based on region.


PULSE-R Headset  

The CM Storm Pulse-R is the first modular aluminum gaming headset that allows gamers to represent and brand their team in the growing e-Sports world while providing powerful sound to keep gamers immersed in the action.

Get Loud. Be Heard.  

The Pulse-R is fitted with custom 42mm drivers for thumping sound and astonishing clarity while the convenient in-line remote can also be detached for easy travel and storage.

CM Pulse-R Headset

The Pulse-R also comes equipped with a detachable noise cancelling microphone for pristine voice chat while the cushioned ear cups and aluminum headband provide a luxurious feel and remain comfortable even after the most epic gaming sessions.

Learn all about the benefits of the Pulse-R’s technology at Cooler Master University’s Power of Sound at:

The Headset Designed for E-Sports Teams

Heading to a tournament or streaming for your fans?  Stand out from the crowd with stylish white-LED lighting and customize the removable laser-etched aluminum ear plates to represent your squad and intimidate your foes.

The Pulse-R is the first gaming headset that empowers users to take their creativity to new levels.


CM Storm Pulse-R will be available from mid September, Price and availability may vary based on region.

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