Benchmarks Continued

TxBench is another benchmark similar in testing methodology to CrystalDiskMark. It reports performance figures similar to that benchmark as well, at roughly 3,5GB/s in sequential reads and 3/.2GB/s writes.


Blackmagicdesign’s Disk Speed Test is a quick and simple benchmark focused on video production performance and here we see the Legend 750 passes every test. The raw read and write numbers however are low for some reason. Either way, if you into video production you’ll be happy to know that this drive is more than adequate for any sort of resolution and format you may need.


HD Tune is an old benchmark I should stop using, however it does have the ability to expose performance anomalies. At the 200GB mark, it’s as if the caching stops working optimally, reducing read speeds to a mere 1,100MB/s~. I didn’t experience this under any normal use, so it is difficult to say how it affects the user experience. Suffice to say even at 1,1GB/s it is faster than anything Gen3x2 or SATA SSD’s can offer.