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T-Dagger T-TGM303 Major Gaming Mouse Review


The T-Dagger MAJOR is not a perfect mouse, but when one considers the retail price you have to be a little less critical of its flaws. For the price you will be very hard priced to find a mouse that offers RGB lighting, as many buttons and half decent tracking performance. If you’re a gamer with a small budget and after a large feature set, the MAJOR is one of the only contenders. If it weren’t for the occasional tracking issue or QC issues with the body of the mouse it would be a solid contender even when compared to mice double the price.

Possibly the best entry to gaming mice Not the easiest to grip with dry hands
Adjustable weight Poor thumb button placement
Plenty of programmable buttons Quality control issues lead to light bleed
Thumb and finger rests built in As good as unusable for left-handed gamers
Very respectable feature set for the price Some quality control issues
Intuitively laid out software Software is not available from T-Dagger’s website

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