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Mushkin atom 64 GB Flash Drive Review

WEB: MSRP: US$ 21.99 AUTHOR: Jonathan Horne

Mushkin goes back quite a long way, with some of their first consumer products being DDR1 RAM aimed at enthusiasts. I haven’t used a Mushkin product since my old Mushkin Blackline Level II 2x 256 MB DDR433 kit, so when I was given the opportunity to review one of their flash drives it was quite a throwback. That’s not to say that they’ve been out of the game; I just haven’t had a Mushkin product go through my hands. Today we’re having a look at the Muskin atom USB 3.0 64 GB flash drive, one of the smallest (physically) on the market.

Panram Announces the Jewel Series USB 3.0 Flash Drives in Australia and New Zealand


Panram, a flash memory and DRAM manufacturer, announces the Jewel Series USB 3.0 Flash drives. Panram’s latest flash drive series blends a fashionable, yet durable exterior with a compact size and high transfer speeds.

Ultra Compact

At a nimble 20×12.2×6.5mm and weighing in at 1.5g, the ultra-compact Jewel Series USB 3.0 Flash Drives are easily carried in even the smallest of bags, binders, or pockets.

Fashionable Yet Durable

The Panram Jewel Series is crafted from a refined zinc alloy housing and topped with a diamond cut jewel top. The strong and resilient body of the Jewel Series provided by the zinc alloy build is complemented by the brilliant colors (Ruby and Sapphire).

SP/ Silicon Power Unveils the New Rugged USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive—Armor A60

SPPR_Armor A60 Portable Hard Drive_KV

SP/ Silicon Power, the world’s leading provider of memory storage solutions, today unveils its latest USB 3.0 extra-rugged portable hard drive—Armor A60. Applying the exclusive shockproof and water-resistant materials and the integrated 360°-covering enclosure design, Armor A60 promises complete data protection against all the hurts that would occur during daily operations. Meanwhile, Armor A60 has passed U.S. military-grade drop test and also acquired international approval of water-resistant ability. In addition, Armor A60 features dashing designs with smooth finish and vivid colors, which appears to be the stylish storage for travelers, sports enthusiasts and businessmen on the go.

Patriot Launches Stellar Boost XT and Stellar Lite Family, Offering Fast and Convenient Android™ Memory Storage Solutions

Stellar-Boost Stellar-Lite

Patriot, a worldwide leader in flash memory solutions, DRAM memory modules, and premium mobile accessories today announces two new additions to its Stellar USB On-The-Go (OTG) memory storage ecosystem, the Stellar Boost XT and Stellar Lite. With the focus on ultra-portability, the Stellar Boost XT and Stellar Lite bring to market more options for those looking for USB OTG storage solutions for compatible Android and Windows® mobile devices.

SP/Silicon Power Presents Diamond-Check USB 3.0 Swivel Flash Drives – Blaze B30


SP/Silicon Power, the world’s leading provider of memory storage solutions today introduces a new USB 3.0 swivel drive – Blaze B30. Carved with the elegant diamond-checked pattern, this jewel-liked flash drive presents the perfect combination between the fashion iconic black and the metal swivel part, making itself a trendy storage device and eye-catching accessory.

Shine like a Jewel

Featuring the geometric diamond-cut pattern carved on the glossy translucent body, Blaze B30 shines like a luxurious jewelry, and is able to reflect the sparkle through different source of lights. With the built-in LED indicator, the light will illuminate through the outer case, and indicate the data transfer status during use.

SP/ Silicon Power Announces USB 2.0 Ultima U05 & USB 3.0 Blaze B05 Flash Drives

SPPR_Blaze B05 & Ultima U05_Image

SP/ Silicon Power, the world’s leading provider of memory storage solutions, announces the latest specially-designed retractable flash drives- USB 2.0 Ultima U05 and USB 3.0 Blaze B05. The sleek flash drives are available in a variety of vivid color choices that will surely satisfy your expectation of a trendy tech-style. The adoption of the retractable USB connector allows to easily incorporate the Ultima U05 and Blaze B05 into daily operations, with the USB only a push of a thumb away.

Worry Free Experience

SP Ultima U05 and Blaze B05 introduce the innovative retractable USB connector design that allows users quick access to files and documents within seconds with the push of a thumb. With retractable mechanism available, users can end the search for lost drive caps and truly enjoy a worry free experience. Although the new flash drives come cap-less, special precautions have been taken to keep the drives away from dust and debris. Furthermore, the Ultima U05 and Blaze B05 are designed with a matte surface to provide higher resistance to scratch, fingerprint and dirt. Moreover, Ultima U05 and Blaze B05 are designed with a LED indicator by which users can easily recognize the transferring status with just a simple glance.

New product series of Mobile USB storage from Team

Team Group-M132(1)

M132 with dual interfaces shows stunning transfer experience!

At a time when the mobile phone has become a daily necessity and smartphone addicts are everywhere on the street, smartphones and tablets now form part of human life, whether for work or for entertainment. As the scope of applications for smartphones and tablets expand, insufficient storage space or low data transfer speed have become an annoying trouble for consumers. After hearing your needs, Team Group specially developed the Mobile USB storage series. The newest M132 UFD is equipped with dual interfaces for smartphones and tablets supporting the OTG function. The lightweight style from the COB package and the steady black tone as its cover are the shared features of all mobile devices.

Team T132 is not just an USB, but a piece of ART!

Team Group-USB T132 (1)

Hundreds and thousands of storage products are now selling everywhere and they can be varied. There are also so many different types of new generation USB3.0 flash drives which have best performance. However, by only showing the performance can no longer satisfy the needs of consumers; not only do people favor access speed, they must also be able to display personal style and uniqueness. This is the kind of perfect product that the Team Group T132 is!

SP/Silicon Power Announces a 1TB Upgrade on the USB 3.0 Ultra-Slim Portable Hard Drive Diamond D20


SP/Silicon Power, the world’s leading provider of memory storage solutions today is proud to announce a capacity upgrade on its Ultra-Slim portable hard drive – Diamond D20. With the capacity boost to one terabyte, Diamond D20 does not compromise on its size and still retains its compact design. With the built-in 7mm slim hard drive, D20 is able to keep its slender style while having more storage spaces for data and files.

Featuring a solid aluminum metal structure and the anti-scratch surface, SP Diamond D20 provides sturdy protection against fingerprints and scratches from day to day use, and it also creates a new sense of digital revolution for the portable storage experience. D20’s exquisite design has won the award of “Computex d&i Awards 2013”, organized by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) and iF (International Forum Design GmbH), and was immediately recognized by users from all over the world.

Patriot Launches New High Capacity Ultra-Durable 256GB Supersonic Boost XT USB 3.0 Drive


Patriot, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash, storage, and mobile accessories today launches the new high capacity Supersonic Boost XT 256GB USB 3.0 performance drive.

Offering the enhanced transfer speed of up-to 150MB/s, the Supersonic Boost XT 256GB drive provides excellent performance; making it the perfect solution for those who rely on having fast access to their data and media while trying to manage a busy lifestyle. This high capacity Supersonic Boost XT features the same award winning ultra-durable rubberized housing the Supersonic Boost XT line has been known. This housing provides best in class protection for worry free use even in the most rugged applications.