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TheOverClocker Issue 37

The first issue of TheOverclocker for 2016 is here. Featured inside is a Q+A with upcoming extreme overclocker, “Lays” from Salem. Two $399 motherboards, the ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme and the GIGABYTE Z170X SOC-Force. We look at quite literally the best GTX 980Ti for gaming and consider the future of budget overclocking.

TheOverClocker Issue 35

TheOverclocker Issue 35 is here. It comes to you with an analysis of the INTEL Core i7 6700K and what it means to the enthusiast and overclocking community. Can INTEL’s latest CPU architecture and manufacturing process impress us even more than last year‘s X99 chipset? Find out inside. We spend some time with Sofos 1990, overclocking veteran from Greece and one of GIGABYTE’s resident OC-LAB overclockers. HiVizMan, details the Team Great Britain MSI Overclocking gathering and much more. Reviews, previews, games and of course Overclocking.

GIGABYTE X99 Gaming-5P


X99 Gaming 5P

Here with me, is one of GIGABYTE’s latest X99 motherboard. Specifically, the GAMING 5P that is as you’ve guessed by now, part of the CHAMPION series. If you’re unfamiliar with the CHAMPION series, it is simply the re-engineered X99 motherboard family featuring the newer 2083 pin CPU socket or better known as “the OC-Socket”. What this socket does, is primarily allow better memory overclocking and support whilst unlocking the Uncore frequencies past the 3500MHz limit of previous iterations. It is in a way a silent admission by GIGABYTE that the previous motherboards,  were not up to the standard they would have wanted. It is a do-over but one not treated as such publicly and in fact with this particular model there’s some sense to that in the following ways.

TheOverclocker Issue 34

In issue 34 of TheOverclocker, we interview “HiViz MAN”, a veteran overclocker from the UK. Examine the GTX 980 K|NGP|N Edition graphics card and engage in some numbers-driven analysis of the overclocking scene. Be sure to check out our Battlefield Hardline review as well.



EVGA X99 Classified Motherboard

EVGA is no stranger to high end motherboard and graphics cards. In fact the firm seems to have a better time making high end gear than mid-range or low end products. For the most part one finds that at the echelon of any platform or generation of products, EVGA is right there in the battle mixing it up with the best of them. With the X99 platform, EVGA has once again managed to produce its best motherboards to date.

TheOverclocker Issue 32

In the last issue of TheOverclocker for 2014, we finally get French overclocker Pepi to sit down and speak with us. We look back at MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena 2014 and review our first duo of X99 motherboards. We look through what is probably the best GTX 980 on the market, and get the full lowdown on the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup European final with The OC Show episode 6. There’s a lot more in this issue, be sure to check it all out. Until next year then, have a superb holiday season. TOC Team out!

ViewSonic VX2452mh Review

ViewSonic VX2452mh


Price: $169.99

Website: ViewSonic

In the perfect world, or at least that of a modern day sensible PC gaming enthusiast, we would all have 27” UHD monitors. These would not only be G-Sync enabled, but would support active stereoscopic technology such as 3D Vision. In addition to this they would be IPS or PLS displays with 1ms response times and all the latest input methods including, but not limited to HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.3.

NOCTUA NH-D15 Review


The Incredible Noctua NH-D15

Price: $99.99

Website: NOCTUA

It seems like an eternity since I last reviewed a traditional air cooler here at TheOverclocker. Given the overwhelming success of AIO units in the medium to high end desktop markets, there’s perhaps no reason for any enthusiast to consider anything else. After all, these traditional CPU coolers tend to not only be bulky, but can pose some compatibility problems in addition to not performing as well.

G.SKILL F3 2400 C11 8GB Kit Review

Sniper F3 2400

Meet the Sniper F3 Kit

Do not let the hype around DDR4 fool you. We appreciate the new memory standard here and all it brings, but the truth is there’s plenty of life left in DDR3. In fact there is likely to be a continued interest in DDR3 for years to come, if only because the platforms are that much more mature and it is cost effective. As such, in todays’ landscape where PC gaming is on the rise again and hardware is easily eclipsing the gaming titles on the market. There’s sense in being a little more prudent in how we spend our hard earned cash and while we may all want that high speed DDR3 2800MHz set or above. It isn’t economically viable, thus it falls to sets such as these from G.Skill to provide the performance without breaking the bank.

TheOverclocker Issue 31

Here’s Issue 31 of TheOverclocker Magazine. This time we catch up with a rising competitor in the Elite overclocking league, Dancop from Germany. We take a quick look at Intel’s might Core i7 5960X and cover not one or two, but five of the best Z97 motherboards around. For the gamers out there, we also gathered five of the best mice in an effort to crown a king. Finally, be sure to check out episode 5 of TheOC show. Get something to eat or drink and sit back and coverage on the GIGABYTE EOC competition and more.