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This time, we look at yet another motherboard from the ROG team in the Maximus series. This time, it is the diminutive MAXIMUS VI IMPACT and let it be said, this is one very capable board. From a technical point of view, this in fact is the best mini-ITX board that’s ever been produced. The features that are on this board are simply uncanny for this form factor… Read the full story here

GIGABYTE G1.Sniper Z87


We’ve always been fans of the G1 boards from GIGABYTE here at TheOverclocker. Perhaps not the early attempts but certainly with this current generation as they have almost perfected what it is that makes for a great gaming board. You need only read out review of the G1.Sniper 5 and all the praises we had for it to see just how well made these G1 boards have become of late. The Sniper Z87 then… Read the full story here

Cooler Master Nepton 280L

CM Nepton_280LIn this day of All-In-One coolers, virtually all enthusiasts have embraced these cooling solutions over the more traditional heat sink and fan combinations. There are very few vendors that do not have such a solution or at least aren’t planning on having one. Not surprising though, because not only do these by and large offer quieter operation, but they do offer… Read the full story here

OCZ Vertex 450 256GB SSD


Prior to this, my favorite SDD was the OCZ Vector. It was released half a year ago or a little bit more.
Since then, OCZ has given us the Vertex 450 and the Vector 150. When I received this drive from
OCZ, I was unsure of where exactly it would place itself in the OCZ family. The Vector was clearly…Read the full story here

Prolimatech MK-26 Black Edition


Aftermarket coolers for graphics cards have always been a market that saw fewer competitors than it should have. For the most part, only water blocks were an alternative especially over the last half decade or so. Part of it perhaps is as a result of vendor supplied heatsinks having improved to the point where I think aftermarket coolers became unnecessary. At least that’s what I thought until I came across the Prolimatech MK-26 Black Edition. The cooler is relatively….Read the full story here

PowerColor R9 290 4GB OC


To say AMD’s Hawaii GPUs have been anything but controversial would be an understatement. At least in a gaming sense especially because of the new Mantle API. This is AMD’s game changer and if it does take off, it would make for a very interesting GPU landscape. The incentive from AMD’s perspective…Read the full story here

Kingston Hyper X Genesis 10th Anniversary Edition 16GB Kit

Hyper X Genesis 10th

Kingston Hyper X memory is likely the oldest enthusiast series we know of. Not surprising given that Kingston is possibly the oldest manufacture of high speed DRAM. For all intents and purposes, experienced overclockers will remember a set of Kingston Hyper X memory at some point in their overclocking history. This is particularly true of the BH5 DDR memory era. Most of us will remember just how pervasive the Hyper X 2x512MB 2-2-2-5 Memory was and virtually everyone was operating these in at 500MHz or higher. Read the full story here




NVIDIA’s release of the GTX 780 Ti was what we had waited for since the introduction of the GTX TITAN. It was no secret that GK110 still had some unused silicon space, but we were unsure if there would ever be a SKU that utilized the full core logic. The GTX 780 Ti does that in a way, but not entirely. As many of you know, the GTX 780 Ti is…Read the full story here



We were greeted with the bigger, grander version of the Z87X-OC. This board is supposed to be the ultimate overclocking board for the Z87 platform. It features many things that you will not find on the cheaper board including or primarily 4-way SLI support. More than that though, the OC Force provides you with dual LAN capabilities, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, an additional 4 SATA ports and superior audio via the improved ALC898 chip as opposed to the older ALC892 on the OC board. Read the full story here




As with most GTX 780s catering to enthusiasts and overclockers, the HOF features a somewhat elaborate cooler featuring several heat pipes (four to be exact) combined with a vapour chamber design to help keep the GPU cool. How well this works obviously…Read the full story here