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ADATA Unveils the XPG STORM RGB M.2 2280 Active-Cooled Heatsink

Taipei, Taiwan – November 21, 2017 – ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, today launched the XPG STORM heatsink add-on for M.2 2280 drives. STORM features an aluminum heatsink and with a fan. It can be easily affixed to any compatible SSD to provide powerful cooling. Lower SSD temperatures promote more stable storage and system performance, in addition to the XPG-styled STORM heatsink with its colorful RGB lighting contributing to attractive, gaming-themed PC setups.

Thermaltake Unveils New Riing Plus LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition

Taipei, Taiwan-June 2nd, 2017-Thermaltake today showcased the latest Riing Plus RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition Series during COMPUTEX 2017 at Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei. Available in 120mm and 140mm, the Riing Plus RGB Series is the world’s first high-static pressure fan that is engineered with a patented 16.8 million colors LED ring and 12 addressable LEDs. Features like compression blades and hydraulic bearing deliver impressive cooling performance and ultra-silent operation. Users can also monitor the fan performance, change the fan speeds, and customize the lighting with Thermaltake’s patented Riing Plus RGB Software and the exclusive Riing Plus RGB App. Functions within the software and app allow users to personalize colors for each LED, and also provide users with numerous lighting schemes, such as Sound Control, Ripple, and RGB Spectrum. The lights can even correspond to CPU temperature by applying Thermal Mode. Other basic functions are also designed in the software, including Color Palette, LED Brightness, Fan Speeds, PWM Mode, CPU temperature monitoring.

Noctua Products Help To Achieve PCMark05 World Record

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Austrian tweaking specialists today set a new world record in the renowned performance test PCMark05. Throughout the entire project, Noctua fans, CPU coolers and thermal compound played a key role.

During last Friday’s live event hosted by the Austrian SSD manufacturer Angelbird, already managed to break the previous world record in Futuremark’s popular benchmarking suite PCMark05, but since their best CPU and motherboard fell victim to the extreme tweaking, the Austrian overclocking specialists failed to pass the 60,000 point mark.

Today, set out to make another attempt, but US overclockers had topped their previous record overnight and pushed the bar to a breathtaking 62,759 points – more than the Austrian’s had hoped to achieve. Taking up the challenge nonetheless, squeezed the absolute maximum out of their system. In the end, they came in at breathtaking 63,665 points and reclaimed the crown for the best PCMark05 score world-wide.

Thermalright Releases The AXP-100 CPU Cooler

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We know that cooler choice has long been a headache for ITX and HTPC system builders. Stock CPU heatsinks and coolers are hot and noisy, while high quality coolers usually either don’t fit the case or interferes with your GPU. So finding the perfect balance of size, thermal performance and noise on ITX and HTPC systems has never been easy, until now!

The Thermalright AXP-100 is here! This latest creation by Thermalright is only a mere 58 mm (2.28 inches) in height including the bundled TY-100 high performance PWM fan. This height provides almost full compatibility with HTPC and ITX cases on the market. will also be displaying a full list of case compatibility on our product page.