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Cooler Master launches the COSMOS C700P Black Edition

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Cape Town, South Africa – Computex 2019 marked the launch of Cooler Master’s latest COSMOS. The COSMOS C700P Black Edition is an upgrade of the original COSMOS C700P that extends further than its matte-black coating, comprised of internal and external advancements.

COSMOS C700P Black Edition

The COSMOS C700P Black Edition features an upgraded version of the original frame, outfitted with a new cover system that offers a wider view over the hardware chamber. The entire cover system is revamped, featuring improved customization options and functionality for the PSU shroud and the cable covers.

Rampage IV Black Edition: The Ultimate LGA2011 Motherboard

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Dear Oxford English Dictionary, instead of wasting time adding ‘twerking’, once you see this you’ll want to redefine epic instead! Check the spec and engineering pride below and you’ll understand that the new Rampage IV Black Edition is the ultimate LGA2011 motherboard, and the ideal companion for a new Ivy Bridge-E (4th Generation LGA2011) CPU.

AMD Introduces Low Cost “Vishera” FX-4130 Quad Core Processor

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AMD’s latest quad-core processor, the FX-4130, does not belong to the “Zambezi” family as the name implies but rather contains their latest 32 nm “Vishera” silicon based on the “Piledriver” micro-architecture. The new chip replaces the old FX-4100, offering 3% – 9% more performance.