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T-Dagger T-TGM303 Major Gaming Mouse Review


T-Dagger has done a good job with the software, which has an intuitive layout and the installer weighs in at just over 2 MB. Multiple profiles can be configured, of which two can be selected using the button underneath the mouse. Buttons can be reconfigured, DPI and polling rate can be adjusted, the RGB lighting can be configured using a multitude of effects, the scrolling speed can be adjusted and you can even configure macros. That’s a lot for a mouse that costs little more than many basic office mice.

T-Dagger T-TGM301 Major Gaming Mouse Software

The DPI can be adjusted between 200 and 8,000 DPI in steps of 100 DPI until you reach 5,000 DPI, after which the steps become 500 DPI increments. Tracking accuracy did suffer a bit at the higher settings, although you’re highly unlikely to use more than around 3,200.

A downside here is that the software is only provided on a mini CD and not downloadable from T-Dagger’s website, meaning that if you don’t have an optical drive or lose the disc you’re out of luck. An email to their support or your retailer will probably get you the software, but it seems a critical omission that you can’t download it directly from their site.

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