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T-Dagger T-TGM303 Major Gaming Mouse Review


The first thing you notice about the MAJOR when removing it from its box is the device’s width. This is mostly due to the thumb and finger rests on each side of the mouse. The contours for these rests as well as button placement mean that it’s a strictly right-handed mouse, and while it could be used to move the cursor around with the left hand you will find it extremely uncomfortable and most buttons will be out of reach.

The mouse has no shortage of buttons, with a total of 11 available. This comes in the form of the standard left and right clicks, middle click on the scroll wheel, a duo of DPI adjustment buttons below the scroll wheel, a trigger button (which we’ll cover later), and no less than five thumb buttons. Other than the scroll wheel and buttons, there are RGB LEDs in the wheel and at the back of the palm rest as well as a series of LEDs which indicate the current DPI.

The RGB lighting is well spaced for maximum visibility, with the palm rest having vertical bars and a T-Dagger logo which light up. On our sample the left vertical strip bled into the gap between the top and side of the shell in both directions, which was a bit disappointing as it ruined the otherwise neat appearance. The wheel was a better story, with a ring to either side of the middle rubberized strip lighting up. Some mice hide the wheel LEDs at the base of the wheel, so having the wheel itself illuminated was refreshing. The colour transitions were smooth, but not completely uniform. Some shades of green would be slightly more yellow on one side of the mouse than the other. Overall, it’s not a major issue and only visible with certain hues.

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