T-Dagger ESCORT T-TGK303 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

WEB: www.t-dagger.com MSRP: US$ 49.99 | ZAR 627 AUTHOR: Jonathan Horne

T-Dagger is an entry level gaming peripheral brand by Eastern Times Technology in China that offers a full range of peripherals for the gamer on a budget. Today we’re having a look at the ESCORT T-TGK303 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which is a mechanical keyboard with the price of some membrane keyboards.

Firstly, yes, it is indeed a mechanical keyboard at the price of around $50. The ESCORT keyboard sticks closely to the standard 104 key full-size layout, with the single exception being a Function key (which we will get to a little further on in the review) in place of the left Windows key. The keys are double shot, so should last the lifetime of the keyboard. T-Dagger has made use of OUTEMU Blue mechanical switches, which have a rated lifespan of 50 million presses. The switches have a similar feel and sound to Cherry MX Blue switches, so if you’re a fan of the Cherry version you should feel fairly at home with the ESCORT.

Note that I said fairly, and not completely. The OUTEMU switches are reminiscent of the Cherry equivalent, but there is definitely a different feel to them even if the clicky sound is hard to distinguish from the Cherry switches. The OUTEMU keys have a different feel to the resistance as you press them, which is likely fine to those new to mechanical keyboards but will take some getting used to for anyone who has previously used Cherry MX Blue switches.

Keys 104, QWERTY layout
Interface USB
Mechanical Yes
Switch type OUTEMU Blue
Backlighting Swivel arm
Lighting Six colours, non-changeable
Macro keys None
N-key rollover Yes, tested up to ten keys
Anti-ghosting Partial
Cable 1.5 m rubberized
USB pass-through No
Warranty 1 Year

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