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ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1650 Review

Far Cry: New Dawn

Based on the Dunia 2 engine. This game is the latest iteration of this ubiquitous engine has been used in several titles, dating back to Far Cry 3. Naturally this engine has undergone improvements and comes to us now supporting modern rendering technologies including, volumetric lighting, full day/night cycles, a dynamic weather system and many other features. It only supports DX11 but that hasn’t prevented it from being truly magnificent at times, making it one of the better-looking modern titles. Not much to be said for the game, but visually it is interesting with a unique visual style that draws a little from Far Cry: New Blood, but presents it all in a far more realistic or authentic manner. Despite new dawn’s artistic flare and impressive vistas at times, it remains playable across all modern GPUs.

TotalWar: WarHammer 2

This title makes use of the 64-bit Warscape engine. It’s getting dated by today’s standards but can still produce some convincing graphics effects. There’s no much on this engine online, but the game does support DirectX12 rendering and a host of other advanced graphical features. In terms of visuals, there’s no discernible difference between using DirectX 11 and DirectX12 save for lower performance when user the latter.

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