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ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1650 Review

The Hardware

The single greatest differentiation between the STRIX model and cheaper GTX 1650 cards is mostly due to the cooler. The TU117 GPU runs cool as is, but with the DicrectCU II cooler, temperatures are even lower.


This is not a beefy cooler at all, but it is more than capable of keeping the GPU at sub 60’C temperatures even under full load. There’s not much to the cooling complex though outside of direct contact heat pipes, a relatively dense fin stack and the wing blade fan design that moves air through the fin stack.

As show in the image above, the GPU is powered by 4-phases controlled via the typical uP9512S. There’s limited data on this controller in as far as voltage control is concerned, but most tuning software should work without issue with the ROG STRIX GeFroce GTX 1650.

The DRAM is courtesy of Micron, rated at the factory clocked 2GHz (8GT/s) for a total memory bandwidth of 128GB/s. The memory makes use of a uP1540P controller, for which there’s no voltage control software I’m aware of.

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