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Hardware – Conclusion

The Rear IO as per ROG boards of late has a built in IO panel. This makes installation easier and looks a lot neater than the removable IO shields of the past. Here at the Rear IO is also where we find 12 USB ports. That’s a staggering number of USB ports especially given that the vast majority of them are USB3.1 Gen 2 ports. In as far as connectivity us concerned, the Crosshair VII Hero has you covered.

The one gripe I have about the Crosshair VIII and this extends to other X570 motherboards as well, is that the fan for the chipset cooler is load. It’s tolerable on the Crosshair VIII unlike on other boards, but it is audible nonetheless. This has nothing to do with ROG but rather, the high thermal dissipation of the chipset. The location of this fan means it’s located directly under your graphics card. If you have anything but a blower style card, it means heat form the graphics card goes directly into this chipset fan. This causes temperatures to rise which leads to an even faster RPM for the tiny chipset fan. How this may impact performance or reliability is unknown right now, but be aware of this especially if you are sensitive to fan noise or are in a space where any sort of fan noise is undesirable.


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