TheOverclocker Issue 18

TheOverclocker Issue 18 is here, bigger and better than ever before. In this issue, we find out which is the X79 board to own. Leeghoofd investigates the claimed Crosshair V inefficiency with AMD’s Bulldozer CPU and we sit with Andrew “DrWeez” Roberts of Below Zero for a one on one. Check this out and a lot more inside.


woodrow blagg 09-02-2012, 03:58

I always look forward to the ‘OverClocker”. Super fun to pore thru, and always find something very interesting. Again, a very kool read! Thanx, WB

Neo 09-02-2012, 13:15

Good stuff. We’ll have a lot more interesting myth busting stuff in future issues. Detailed analysis, and a massive performance comparison between platforms and such. Bigger and better always 😉

Ronaldo Buassali 12-02-2012, 22:27

We just finish the Campus Party Brazil 2012 where I am pleased to introduce the First Brazilian Overclocking Contest here in Brazil , also extreme overclocking demonstration in front of the crowd …- few pics from brazilian media –
-Overclocking TV , , and
– and a video about , – ..

Ronski 15-02-2012, 15:21

Magazine is no good to me, need an option so can read one page at a time on my tablet, or even just zoom would be better, as tablets zoom is not very clear when zoomed.

Ronaldo Buassali 20-02-2012, 14:25

We have managed 3 diferent overclocking presentations and 2 overclocking classes in 1 week here , in Brazil.
That’s Campus Party Brazil 2012 (more than 7000 people sleeping inside the biggest convention center…more than 200.000 people visitors).
The extreme overclocking presentation was very nice.
First presentation we got 14603 points at 3Dmark11 alive.
Second presentation we changed to Unigine Heaven and got 3542 points.
Here you can see lots of pics in the biggest website in my country (more than 100 milion of page views month…yes…is milions).…jhtm#fotoNav=1

But…really the highlight was our First Brazilian Overclocking Championship.

Neo 20-02-2012, 23:22

Good stuff. Looking to check out the overclocking scene there in Brazil, with a few interviews and such. Keep pushing guys 😉

Neo 20-02-2012, 23:24

Hi there Ronski. Noted.
We are going to start using a dedicated mobile device platform hopefully from Issue 19. All these problems will be of the past. Thank you for your understanding and support 😉

sergio buassali 08-03-2012, 20:39

Video about overclocking at Campus Party Brazil 2012 , sponsored by Corsair , featuring Ronaldo Buassali ( rbuass ) – hardwarebr

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