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Cougar 700K EVO Gaming Keyboard Review


Cougar’s 700K Evo, or rather the Cougar UIX system, is another area where I was pleasantly surprised. The application is small and light weight coming in at around 130MB installed. Unlike other peripherals software, the Cougar UIX is truly intuitive and easy to use. The video below does show me being a n00b, but consider that this was the first time I used the software and was up and ready to customize my lighting and save my settings within minutes.

The only potential downside here is that it seems each of Cougar’s peripherals and subsequently the 700K EVO need their own application to manage. That is to say if you have one of their mice or USB headset, you may need three separate programs instead of having them all managed from one central suit. Some may prefer this, others not. If it means we can keep the configuration as simple as what I’ve experienced with the CPUGAR UIX System on the 700K Evo, then I’m all for the individual programs.

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