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Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Using the Mouse

The Corsair Nightsword’s teflon feet have sharp edges which causes sticking on some mousepads. We tried two samples of the mouse and found the same with both, so it isn’t unique to a single sample. However, with the right mousepad the gliding action is silky smooth. Snappy movements were precise and accurate, even at higher CPI settings. The mouse doesn’t feel quite as home in your hand as some others, but it certainly isn’t uncomfortable.

style shot

Overall, configuration of the mouse took no time at all, but this could be due to my experience with iCUE. As previously mentioned, iCUE can be daunting to new users but once you know your way around it you’ll find configuring any Corsair perihperal to be a breeze. Once you know your way around it you begin to appreciate the control offered.

corsair nightsword surface calibration

The mouse’s lift-off distance is adjustable in software, which you will probably want to change as the default is approximately 3.5 mm and far too high. This is done using the iCUE software by running the Surface Calibration under the Performance tab. Once calibrated to a more comfortable level of around 1-1.5 mm I fired up Quake III Arena. It might be an extremely old game, but it is still a game that requires some of the fastest and most accurate movements to date.

corsair nightsword angle snapping

It took me a few minutes to get the sensitivity to the level I was happy with, but once done the mouse was a pleasure. The bulkiness was something that interfered with my claw grip. However, by flattening my hand I get the feeling that a palm grip user would be at home. I noticed no irregularities whatsoever during the dozen or so hours of gaming. I can say without a doubt that the sensor is one of the best on the market. Angle snapping is disabled by default but can be enabled in iCUE should you so desire for design applications or the like where you need to draw straight lines. For gaming, which is the mouse’s primary use, you will certainly want to keep this disabled.

corsair nightsword in use

The buttons have an optimal level of actuation force, but due to their placement I experienced several mis-clicks. The length of the mouse meant that the DPI adjustment buttons were positioned in a way that avoids your finger resting on them at all, yet within easy enough reach to click without much thought.

Perhaps most importantly, the amount of grip you have on the mouse doesn’t change at all once your palm starts sweating, which I can certainly attribute to the deeply textured grips on either side. That said, I never got used to the texture on the top surface. The well-designed thumb rest is a definite pro. As a long time user of mice with such a rest, I appreciated this addition immensely.

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