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Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Physical Characteristics – Continued

There are three thumb buttons at hand, but if you have smaller hands two of them will be out of reach without adjusting your grip. The two offered at the top right of the left primary button are also quite awkwardly positioned. You have to really stretch out your index finger to reach them, and it might have better if they were slightly wider. Additionally, there is an inward slant where your pinkie goes. This isn’t particularly comfortable, although makes it easy to lift the mouse.

side view

On the bottom of the Corsair Nightsword RGB are five feet, each of a different size and shape. This was the first real problem we found with the mouse. On some mousepads the mouse would glide smoothly, but on others with a slightly looser weave the sharp corners of the feet would hook on the surface. This gives the illusion of inconsistent drag, and if you experience this with your mousepad you’ll need to consider changing it. Alternatively, as there are no replacement feet provided and they will ultimately need to be replaced you could look at getting third party feet. This poses another issue, however, as it could affect your warranty. Mouse feet are generally hard-wearing and the ones provided should outlast the warranty. Therefore this puts us back in the situation of having to consider replacing your mousepad.

Next up, the mouse has a customizable weight. A carry case is included, in which there are three each 2.8 gram and 4.5 gram weights. However, adjusting the weight and center of gravity isn’t even the cherry on top. That honour belongs to iCUE being able to detect the weight and center of gravity in real time.

corsair nightsword weights

iCUE can detect the weights installed in real-time, but can get this wrong on occasion. When this happens, reinserting the weights seems to fix things. Alternatively, you can manually enter the weight for each of the six zones.

corsair nightsword weights in icue

Other than the scroll wheel and Corsair logo, there are six grilled “windows” (three at the top, and another three at the bottom) which make up two extra RGB zones. These look rather stylish, and something I wouldn’t mind seeing Corsair use on future designs.

corsair nightsword styling

Finally, we need to address the potential elephant in the room. The mouse has an extremely busy futuristic design which gets old quickly. It’s something you’ll either love at first and get tired of, or hate from the get-go. It’s subjective and very striking, so if you’re one that can ignore the appearance once it wears off it could grab the attention of others. A lot of the styling could be dialled down a notch, leaving the vented RGB zones and little else.

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