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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Review

Aesthetics & design

The last keyboard reviewed here was all about angles and was overtly going for the ‘gamer’ aesthetic. The Platinum XT on the other hand sticks to a more traditional rectangle, flaunting its gaming credentials with the lighting, and other design elements. As such the Platinum XT is more at home in a wide variety of environments.  By which colour scheme you configure it works in a traditional office environment as much as it does at a LAN party.

K95 RGB Platinum XT

Among the many changes that are both aesthetic and, in some respects, qualitative is the switch to PBT plastic for the keys. These have a matt finish which means they should be a lot more resistance to wear. With the previous model, especially after years of use, the buttons start to shine if you will. It’s as if there’s a permanent oil mark on frequently used keys. One doesn’t feel it in as much as you can see it, particularly under specific angles. The change to the PBT double shot key caps should remedy this and it is immediately visible and felt.

K95 RGB Platinum XT

More of a feature than a design or aesthetics element is the palm rest. It is worth mentioning here because for such an understated keyboard. The wrist or palm rest rather gives the keyboard a better overall look than the previous model. While I did appreciate the reversible and magnetic offering before, this solution is much better. That said, the previous one stood the test of time and this one because of its leatherette nature could start to disintegrate.  Only time will tell, but as is, it works visually and of course functionally as well.

K95 RGB Platinum XT Palm Rest

For those who may feel not enough was done to bring this keyboard forward, I can certainly understand that. Next to each other regular Platinum is indistinguishable from the Platinum XT, especially with the palm rest removed.

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