Corsair Ironclaw RGB FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse Review

Physical Characteristics

Attached to the mouse is a 1.8 m non-detachable and braided cable which is rather stiff, so might take some getting used to. It does come wrapped in a Velcro strip, which is a nice addition and just something small to add to the premium feel you expect from Corsair products. Unfortunately, the cable is so thick and stiff that the mouse can be shifted around by it, and it also causes quite a bit of drag. As the mouse is already on the heavy side, a slightly softer cable would have been a welcome addition. I would recommend using a mouse bungee with the Ironclaw, and the cable is definitely the biggest downside I experienced.

The top surface of the Ironclaw RGB has a slightly rough, matte black finish without any rubberized parts, with rubberized grips on either side. These grips have a diamond texture, and with extended use it seems that your hand doesn’t get quite as hot as with others that have smooth grips. They also offer a decent amount of grip, eliminating any slippage even with the lightest of grips when picking up the mouse. The scroll wheel is also rubberized, while the two buttons below the scroll wheel have a glossy finish and the two on the left have the same texture as the top surface of the mouse.


The scroll wheel seems to have very little tactile feedback, lacking well defined steps. I would have preferred better definition between the steps, as when using the scroll wheel to change weapons I often scrolled too far. That said, I did more productivity work than gaming in the week that I used the mouse, and it definitely felt more relaxing. The middle button, however, requires quite a lot of pressure to press and you will find yourself scrolling slightly with each click. It will take a conscious effort to avoid scrolling at the same time, but in time muscle memory takes over and you shouldn’t have a problem. Keep in mind that I only used the mouse for a week and that was more than long enough to get the hang of the wheel. Again a subjective thing, but I welcomed the somewhat unusual (for a gaming mouse) feel to the wheel.

The two side buttons require a larger than normal amount of pressure to trigger, so accidental presses are unlikely. I would, however, have preferred if they were slightly easier to actuate as it’s very easy to nudge the mouse slightly when pressing them, which can be done simply by rolling your thumb upwards slightly. The two buttons below the scroll wheel have a different feel to them, being much easier to actuate. Logically, this makes sense as your fingers are normally nowhere near these buttons, whereas the side buttons sit directly above and very close to the thumb grip.

Flipping the Ironclaw over you will find a protective plastic film which needs to be removed before use. There are four feet, each with a different size and shape, but no replacements are included in the box. You will therefore have to look at third party replacements when they start to wear, but unless you’re using a hard and rough surface it should be a long time before replacement becomes a consideration. Even so, it would have been nice to see replacements included in the box as third party replacements may change the feel of the mouse.

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