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Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Review


The Corsair HS70 Pro is a genuinely interesting headset for me. Not because of what it can do sonically, but in just how well rounded it is. Audio wise it’s not any difference from the previous HS70 SE and in fact you’d be hard pressed to find a meaningful difference between the two.

What the HS70 Pro Wireless manages to do, is make up enough ground in the audio department to make it acceptable to forgo the 3.5mm 2 or 3 pole analogue connection. When Corsair first introduces their wireless headsets many years ago, nothing in the range could sound remotely close to what you have today. By comparison, those were quite amateurish whereas the HS70 Pro can shame many sets retailing for 50 to 100% more.

I was initially puzzled as to why an HS series set of headphones costs the same as the latest Corsair VOID elites. Having listened to both, I can understand how this can be. From a pure audio reproduction perspective, the HS70 Pro cans are just as good if not perhaps better in some instances.

Wireless headphones of this kind usually mean far too many sacrifices for me, but the ear fatigue aside, I’m thoroughly convinced by the HS70 Pro Wireless. This is a headset that’s a lot better than it ought to be. At this price, these are worth the purchase, and if they can be had for even lower, definitely pick them up for your wireless gaming needs.



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