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Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Review

Subjective listening test

Headphones, much like other gaming peripherals if perhaps not even more so are a highly subjective product. There’s no way I can express to you what I perceive of the HS70 Pro in a relatable manner. That said what I can tell you is how it compares with other Corsair cans. In that context, the HS70 Pro produces the best audio experience out of Corsair’s entire range, second only to the Virtuoso RGB.

That statement however must be qualified, as it only holds true when the latter is connected via analogue connection. Something which isn’t possible with the HS70 Pro, thus a like for like comparison is impossible. In wireless mode though – the HS70 Pro simply sounds better. Tonally it’s just a lot more accessible, delivering an audio experience firmly in the gaming headset range, but one that manages to be quite competent and lively everywhere else.

The preset EQs are also far more distinct than what you get on the Virtuoso RGB, so they are genuinely meaningful choices that can alter your listening experience substantially.

The drivers on the HS70 Pro are quite adept at delivering a neutral or natural sound stage.  They seem more comfortable within the mid to high frequencies even with the serviceable bass reproduction. I say this because at times the set delivers muddy bass riffs and rhythms which quickly descend into this indistinct or lethargic low rumble that, if not compensated for – colours the listening experience. Mind you the HS70 Pro isn’t alone, many gaming cans are prone to this sort of thing. They are more at  home rendering gun fire and explosions than double bass lines from Charnett Moffett. That aside, as far as delivering reliable and predictable audio from games, these are about as good as you’ll get from Corsair. The audio signature and versatility of the cans are a genuine surprise to me. As an overall auditory experience, the HS70 Pro headset is quite wonderful.

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