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Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Review

Connectivity & Software

Corsair has forgone the low latency, Slipstream technology here along with analogue, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. This set is strictly 2.4GHz wireless via the bundled dongle. Compatibility is thus confined to the PC and the PS4 only.  Pairing is easy since there isn’t any required at all. The range is in the space I tested a little shy of what Corsair claims. That is perhaps understandable given that I was testing through walls and the like.

In general, there are no issues with connection quality and the HS70 Pro does well enough even through walls, but not floors of concrete of course. The 16 hours of claimed battery life is well beyond what any single gaming session lasts for, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Having said that,  I’ve yet to find headphones that are comfortable for even 10 hours straight, let alone more.

Where software is concerned, iCUE is where you’ll make it all happen. Select from standard stereo mode or virtual 7.1 surround. Here you will also adjust the mic input volume along with setting up your various EQ preferences. There’s no RGB to speak of so nothing should be confusing here.

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