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Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Review

Aesthetics & Build

The last HS headset we reviewed here was the HS35, a budget set of cans that sort to bring people into the CORSAIR fold at an attractive price. How well that was executed is debatable, but with the HS70 Pro it’s rather different, and for the better.

Construction quality is on par with the regular HS70 SE, which is rather good. The memory foam ear cups help immensely with comfort as well, at least in that they cover the ear comfortably. After several hours though these will start to irritate your ears or cause fatigue around the ears. Despite that, Corsair has dramatically improved head band pressure, which is a lot more forgiving than days gone.

This is another area where the HS70 Pro initially does better than the premium Virtuoso RGB. It’s immediately more comfortable or a better fit, due in part to the shape of the ear cups. Where as on the Virtuoso RGB they are perfect circles, the HS70 Pro cups are oval making for an easier fit (Generally ears a longer than they are wide).

These are not to scale, but simply an ear cup comparison between the Virtuoso RGB (left) and the HS70 Pro Wireless (right)

Which of these two ear cups is more comfortable is something one can only determine through material testing. Initial impressions certainly favor the HS70 Pro, prolonged use however is another story. More on this later.

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