Cooler Master Releases the ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter

Cooler Master today announced the release of their new ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter. Building a PC is about more than just getting all the parts to work. Each custom designed, home built system is a personal experience that expresses the needs and desires of the builder in terms of both performance and aesthetics. This new adapter is the latest way that Cooler Master is helping people express themselves through the building of PCs.

The ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter is a universal adapter that allows users to connect the 24 Pin main power cable from their PSU to their motherboard at a 90° angle. It will work with any motherboard and PSU that uses the standard ATX 24 Pin connection type past, present, or future. Made with black ABS 94-v0 plastic, this accessory is built to last. Builders will be able to use it even after replacing their current motherboard and power supply unit. Since it’s universal, that means there are no brand limitations. Even systems that don’t contain a Cooler Master PSU can still make use of the adapter.

The benefit of a 90° adapter for the 24 Pin main power cable is that it opens up systems to a host of additional cable management options. Normally the main power cable needs to travel up behind the motherboard tray, through the routing hole closest to the 24 Pin socket, and then bend or fold over to reach the socket. With this adapter, that’s no longer the case. The socket can be approached via other paths, allowing the usual routing hole to be used by other cables without getting in the way of each other. It also reduces the amount of slack needed by the main cable to reach the socket.

The ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter comes in two versions. The basic version is just the adapter. It’s plug and play and ready to be added to a system out of the box. The higher end version, which is also plug and play, comes with built in capacitors to ensure stable output. While the effects of this accessory on stability and efficiency are negligible, any added obstacle between the original power source and output destination can have some level of effect on the power supply unit’s overall performance. To combat these negative effects, Cooler Master has created a special version with extra capacitors built into the adapter to safeguard against any performance loss.


The ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter is available now. Both versions can be purchased online and at local
retailers. For more information please visit:

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