Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Review

cooler master mastercase sl600m

Building into the Case

Building into the case was a rather unique affair. You might think that with the hardware locations being so different from the norm it would be a challenge. Normally you’d be right, but Cooler Master has put a lot of thought into the design and it works well. Cable management was easy enough thanks to the large space behind the motherboard tray. Routing has been well thought out for the most part, and the PSU cover really helps round things off. With a little bit of effort a completed build exudes the same elegance as the case itself.

Drives can be installed in several locations, so they’re not all in one spot. This makes for a build that’s quite interesting to look at if you have more than two or three drives. Firstly, you can install two drives on the panel which hides the PSU. Secondly, a further two can be installed behind the motherboard tray in sleds. Here I noticed something interesting which isn’t advertised. If you screw the SSDs to the top of the sled you can still fit SSDs inside the sleds. This allows for the installation of two drives more than advertised. If that’s not enough, two more can be attached where front intake fans are normally located. Lastly, another drive can be installed where you’d normally expect to find the rear fan.

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