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Cooler Master introduces the MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition

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Cooler Master, a global leader in PC component manufacturing, today, announces the launch of the MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition. This new AIO CPU Water Cooler features a new aesthetic design with a metal element that brings a refreshing new color to the MasterLiquid Series.

Premium Silver Design

The MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition has a brand new design and a new color scheme to go with it, giving it the premium and clean outlook. The new Silver Edition Cooler features a full aluminum pump cover that reflects the shimmer of your addressable RGB lighting that enhancing the vibrant colors within your PC.

360mm of Pure Performance

The ML360P is a newly optimized AIO CPU water cooler with a re-designed Dual-Chamber pump and a 360mm low resistance radiator that ensures high flow rate and enhanced heat exchange efficiency. This 360 mm cooler also features the new SF360R ARGB Integrated Fan that was recently released, in silver, which is exclusive to the ML360P for optimal cooling.

Hassle-Free Installation

Included with this new liquid cooler is the innovative design of the SF360R ARGB fan which features three 120 mm fans in one integrated frame design to improve the installation experience; with a sturdy frame with rubber pads around each connection point also reduce vibrations and noise. Not only has the number of steps reduced, the SF360R ARGB has just 2 cables to significantly enhance your cable management.

Cooler Master believes that giving PC users the freedom to create visually stunning RGB effects as well as, provide efficient cooling for their systems is vital to achieving one of the company’s missions. With innovative technologies coupled with a vast array of features, the MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition is manufactured to provide the most effective building experience.

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