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Cooler Master Announces the Winners of Case Mod World Series 2019

“Case Mod World Series has always been about discovering talented modders from all corners of the world and re-defining the way PC’s are designed and made. To mark our 10th anniversary, we are exploring the idea of working with the modders to bring some of the best PCs from #CMWS19 to a creative marketplace, where the community can connect with a wider market and take modding to the next level” – Annie Kao, Modding Community Manager

For more information on how to join as a modder, visit https://landing.coolermaster.comcmws19/marketplace

Case Mod World Series 2019 – Master League Winners

1st Place Tower Mod

AKMod – Minimalistic

Prize: $10,000 USD

Minimalistic is a master class in clever design and cohesive theming.   AKMod replaced the entire interior of the C700M chassis with a custom CNC cut aluminium framework, which was nickel plated then paired with a couple of sumptuous wood panel reservoirs cut from solid walnut and sealed with epoxy.   The wood theming is finished off using EK’s Lignum blocks along with custom cut wooden cable combs.  The rich materials continued to the exterior where AK coated the chassis handles with hand-stitched leather.

Gallery –

2nd Place Tower Mod

Timpelay – SL600Mi

Prize: $5,000 USD

Timpelay took on the challenge to mod a Sl600M chassis into a smaller mITX version that still supports full sized graphics cards.  This is a harder job than meets the eye, every detail was covered with great care so that the result would appear factory-new. Tim saw to the cooling with an elegant loop featuring both a custom Cooler Master reservoir and pump mount. The internals were finished off with custom cabling and an iridescent flake finish.  The concept was to make his ideal PC from design, layout to performance.

Gallery –

3rd Place Tower Mod

Explore Modding – Realgar Project

Prize: $1,000 USD

Realgar began life as an exercise in seeing what Alessandro could achieve using non-automated processes. However, rather than opting for the easy route, he completely reworked his SL600M chassis, replacing many of the panels with scroll saw-cut patterns. The motherboard tray is constructed from poured resin, which is further continued into the front. Alessandro even grew genuine red crystals inside the motherboard heatsinks and behind the case seams, which contrasts beautifully with the textured paint finish

Gallery –

Best Scratch Build

RandomDesign –Star Wars T70 X Wing

Prize: $3,000 USD

X-wing truly was an endeavour of mammoth proportions, with the rig sitting at over 6 feet long! The majority of the mod was 3D printed in ABS, then painstakingly sanded, finished, assembled, then sanded again so as to have a seamless appearance. The rig is packed with details, such as how the switches and gauges are found inside the cockpit, how the wings open and close like the real thing. Stefan even went so far as to add tiny fans inside the thrusters to exhaust warm air out of the back. The build was finished off with a stellar airbrush paintjob that makes it so incredibly authentic.

Gallery –

Bonus Award Scratch Build

Inony – Leviathan

Prize: $1,000 USD


Leviathan is a testament to the capability of home 3D printing. It’s such an unusual shape that would be exceedingly challenging to craft using other methods.  So much care and attention was applied to the construction of the 3D model before manufacturing could even commence. The result is a stunning show piece build that is completely unique yet still functional. The components were woven into the framework of the shark, rather than hidden away, similarly ARGB lighting was built into the chassis and allows the shark to glow rather impressively.

Gallery –

Case Mod World Series 2019 – Apprentice League Winners

Prize $1,000 CM Store Vouchers

TPB Mods – Project Maple

Termuda Square – Stealth 5 Yellow Label

Michael Holly Dulay – Agent 0

More4mLester – Samurai

Prototoxin – Future Gadget XX

For more information about this year’s winners, visit

About Case Mod World Series

Case Mod World Series is a worldwide modding contest open to modders of all levels to join and consist of two separate leagues: The Master League and The Apprentice League.  It is the biggest and longest standing case modding contest organized by Cooler Master.  Celebrating its 10th annual event, Cooler Master raised the winning pot this year with a total prize pool worth $25,000 USD with a total of 10 winners.

For more information visit

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