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AMD Introduces Low Cost “Vishera” FX-4130 Quad Core Processor

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AMD’s latest quad-core processor, the FX-4130, does not belong to the “Zambezi” family as the name implies but rather contains their latest 32 nm “Vishera” silicon based on the “Piledriver” micro-architecture. The new chip replaces the old FX-4100, offering 3% – 9% more performance.

Sporting two CPU modules for a total of four cores, the FX-4130 is clocked at a high 3.80 GHz base clock speed, with Turbo offering a small jump up to 3.90 GHz. Like any other FX-series CPU, the FX-4130 offers an unlocked multiplier for overclocking. The processor has 2 MB of L2 cache per module for a total of 4 MB, and also includes a 4 MB shared pool of L3 cache. The instruction sets supported include AVX, AES-NI, XOP, FMA and SSE4.2 – some of which are missing from similarly-priced Intel CPUs. TDP is set at 125W.

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The cooler included is larger than that of the old FX-4100, and has a lower speed fan which reduced noise. AMD has become good at fighting in the performance/cost market, and this new value CPU is no exception with a price of MSRP US $101. Source — XbitLabs

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